How long is a typical tour?  

     The typical tour lasts just about 2 hours on average.  30 minutes is allotted to sign the paperwork, watch the safety video, and untie from the dock.  It takes about 15 minutes to drive the speed boats through the channel as you head out of South Bay.  Then you have 1 hour of full throttle driving.  (The goal is to make it to the end of the Downtown Skyline)  At the end of your tour, there is another 15 minutes of driving back into the Marina and parking the boats.

If we are enjoying our tour can we stay out longer?  

     Yes, the tour guide will give you the option to purchase more time!  Maybe you'd like to see the dolphins jumping in the Navy's Dolphin tanks or say hello to the sea lions at the world famous San Diego Bait Barges. Want to tour the Venetian style water ways of the Coronado Cays?  No problem! 

Extra time is: $50 per half hour.